Maine Teen Drug Abuse

teen in medicine cabinetAddiction is becoming common among teenagers. The pressure imposed by peers who seem superior to their friends and the accessibility of drugs from various sources makes it difficult for agencies to fully control drug abuse and addiction.

There are various reasons why people, especially teens, become addicts during their developing stage. It is important to know what some of these factors are in order to prevent them from engaging in such activities and to help those who are already involved to get back on the right track.

Substance abuse and addiction has been a long-term problem. Most addicts start with a single shot or hit, without even knowing that through that single dose, everything can change. With teenagers, it is common to hear stories of friends insisting that they try a hit or a drink.

Resisting pressure can be really hard for anyone who is in his or her adolescent stage when everything seems to be a question mark. Aside from fear, curiosity also takes place. Many teens will try things out just to try it.

In some cases, substance abuse among adolescents is may be a result of abusive family relationships. It may be a means of coping, and in same cases the parent or guardian may influence them to use for certain reasons.

Many teenagers who get involved into substance abuse waste a number of their years going through the same routine every day. Drugs can cause a euphoric effect which is the reason why many teens find it hard to let go. For this reason, it is necessary to seek help in order to fully recover.

And, let us not forget that the ease with which young people can obtain certain substances (Ritalin, for just one example), makes matters even more complicated. Ritalin (a stimulant, which is sometimes even referred to as “kiddie cocaine“), has its own set of side effects which can be nasty on their own – but even more dangerous if taken in conjunction with certain other substances.

These alarming reports have caused health and support groups to create strategies on how to fight adolescent substance abuse in Maine. They have established rehab centers to help those who are suffering.

Seminars are conducted to make teens aware of the risks that come along with drug and alcohol abuse. Inpatient and outpatient care is also offered by many rehabilitation centers as part of the treatment given to adolescent patients enrolled into the program. This comes with counseling sessions and detox programs to help ensure successful recovery.

There is no hope in dope. The detrimental effects are not worth the try. Addiction can cause a lot of health risks which are but not limited to hallucinations, unpredictable mood swings, sudden loss of appetite, confusion, tachycardia, panic attacks, chest pains, depression and even death. Some people who feel helpless after abusing drugs may even commit suicide.

It is important to remember that everybody has challenges in life. Although trials are heavy at times, they can be gotten through. Engaging in productive activities and mingling with friends who have a positive outlook in life are some of the things that one can do to help them recover and remain that way.