Kansas Teenage Drug Abuse

high schoolAdolescence or the period in an individual’s life where he or she is between 12 to 17 years is one of the most crucial years. This period not only brings about hormonal changes in the body of the person and determines the future path of life; it is also a very vulnerable stage of development.

Individuals come across several social, biological, and cognitive alterations during this period. Many adolescents during this stage experiment with drug and substance abuse; they indulge in behaviors that can have an impact on their psychological and neurological development.

Comprehending these behavior- and health-related differences between adolescent females and males can assist in keeping the people aware of intervention and build prevention programs, along with public health policy. These programs help target the varied needs of the adolescents in a strategic manner.

Some Highlights

1. Close to 23,000 or 9.6 percent of the adolescent population in Kansas use illegal drugs and substances. 17,000 adolescents indulged in marijuana usage, while the remaining 6,000 adolescents used other substances.

2. The rate of alcohol usage in Kansas among adolescent females is higher when compared to adolescent males; 23.6 % and 17.2 % respectively.

3. The rate of previous-year alcohol dependence or drug abuse was considerably higher among females.

4. When compared to adolescent males, adolescent females were the most likely to have experienced MDE or a major depressive episode in the previous year.

Teen Substance Use in Kansas

Among all the drugs, marijuana is the most widely used among teenagers. There were not many differences between females and males, as far as illicit substance usage was concerned. In the state of Kansas, 8,000 females and 7,000 males have used pain relievers without a medical doctor prescription in the past one year before their drug usage survey interview.

Alcohol Abuse in Kansas

Approximately, 20 % of the adolescent population indulged in alcohol in the previous month, and 14 % were involved in binge drinking. Binge drinking is drinking at least five or more rounds of alcohol within a space of 24 hours. The rates of past-year binge drinking and current alcohol use were considerably higher female adolescents when compared to their male counterparts. 23.6 % of females and 17.2 % of males use alcohol in Kansas.

Teenage Rehab or Rehabilitation Treatment in Kansas

1. On an average, there were a total of 10,470 clients for addiction or rehabilitation treatment on any single day; most of the teens seeking the rehab treatment were put on the outpatient treatment. And close to 14.2 percent teenagers seeking the treatment were less than 18 years of age.

2. The adolescent male population accounted for 71 % of the admissions for substance abuse.

3. Of the total male admissions, 70.5 % had issues of drug and alcohol, 25.4 % had just drug issues, and the remaining 4.1 percent were struggling with an alcohol problem only.

4. Of the female group, 70.5 % were related to drugs and alcohol, 23.5 % had drug issues, and 6.1 % had alcohol problems.